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    4343=== InstaGENI rack demonstration ===
     45The first two InstaGENI racks are scheduled to be installed at the University of Utah and Princeton. We will demonstrate the creation of slices on these racks, and describe the hardware, software, and uses cases for the racks.
    4547=== DIGOBREG Demo and Poster ===
    6668=== Federating CRON with PlanetLab MAX with Tree-mode Network Stitching ===
     70 Demo participants: Seung-Jong Park, Lin Xue at LSU, Tom Lehman at ISI
     71 Affiliation: Louisiana State University and Information Sciences Institute
     72 The CRON@ProtoGENI and MAX@PlanetLab will demonstrate collaborately how to reserve resources from two different kinds of federation sites through Internet2 ION service. To stitch those resources, a tree-mode stitching method with OMNI tool will used at the demonstration. Over the slice from federation, PIs will show how multiple cloud computing data centers can be federated over high speed 10Gbps optical networks.
    6874=== Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) Demo  ===
     76In this demonstration we will show multi-aggregate stitching between the MAX and CRON Aggregates. This will include the provision of resources across the MAX Aggregate, CRON Aggregate, Internet2 ION, and LONI Regional network. In addition, we will describe this functionality in the context of the larger tree-mode multi-aggregate stitching architecture and implementation work underway. We will also show the incorporation of OpenFlow network regions into the overall stitching process.
    7078=== GENI ShadowNet ===
    7482=== GpENI demo  ===
     84 We will demonstrate the basic operations and use of GpENI (Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation) programmable testbed. We will describe how its programmability is being used for experiments in highy-dynamic airborne networking research and on the resilience of the Future Internet to attacks and large-scale disasters.
    7686=== SeRViTR and GpENI Demo ===
    116126=== Resource allocation demonstration ===
     128 We will demonstrate the QoS evaluation of multi-domain networks and its application regarding resource allocation.
    118130=== Aalborg FIA project ===
    142154=== Streaming between vehicle and infrastructure using Network Coding ===
     156The demo will consist of a video stream from a vehicle to infrastructure over one or more wireless channels (WIMAX and/or WiFi). The quality of the channel is impaired by mobility and external interference. Network Coding can improve video quality by introducing redundancy when needed. This demo will show the effectiveness of Network Coding in such a disruptive environment.
    144158=== Clemson Wimax Demo  ===
    150164=== Demonstration of robust delivery services and multi-homing in MobilityFirst FIA ===
     166 Demonstrates benefits of a generalized storage-aware routing protocol (GSTAR), which uses in-network storage and smart route selection to handle disconnections and intermittent bad access links to efficiently deliver data to multi-homed (WiFi, WiMAX) mobile devices.
    152167=== WiRover/WiMAX demo ===
    163178=== TUF Demo  ===
     180 In this demonstration we present the system TUF. This system provides a mechanism to securely update the software running on a variety of systems. We will demonstrate a few basic attacks and show how TUF prevents them from occurring.
    165182=== TIED GEC Demo  ===
    185202=== Demo of Hive Mind Project ===
     204 Demo participants: Steven Templeton (University of California, Davis)
     206 We demonstrate a swarm intelligence inspired, decentralized, light-weight, autonomous security monitoring system run on the DETER testbed using the Benito virtualization framework. For this demo, using slices of up to 640 nodes, we execute controlled attacks for the HiveMind system to detect, for example when the slice is used to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against an internet host.