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This page has links and information for folks who are presenting demos at GEC 13.

Shipping information

If you want to mail/ship anything demo-related to the conference, send it to:

  Giovanni Pau / Simlim Lau
  Department of Computer Science
  University of California Los Angeles
  3531J Boelter Hall
  420 Westwood Plaza
  Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596
  Ph (+1) 310-206-3212

If you need to ship anything that would need to be delivered to (or picked up from) a loading dock, please contact to make the necessary arrangements for receiving and storage. Printing

If you need to print out posters or other supporting materials, there are a few options.

Near the hotel (map):

Near the demo site at UCLA (map):

Contact information

Manu Gosain from the GPO is organizing the demo session; his cell phone number is +1.781.888.5279.