Tuesday, 3:30pm - 5:00 pm

Session Leaders

Steve Schwab and Ted Faber, USC/ISI
Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office


GENI aggregates currently use signed XML credentials to make authorization decisions. At GEC10 we began a one year effort to evaluate ABAC assertions as a more flexible basis for GENI authorization. At this session, that one year is up. We will compare ABAC against the current credentials, and adopt a path forward for GENI. Then we will discuss implementing that decision. We will also review the status of integrating ABAC in existing control frameworks and aggregates.


  • Overview (Ted Faber/Steve Schwab)
  • Lightning Talks in favor of or opposed to ABAC:
    • Rob Ricci, Utah/ProtoGENI
    • Andy Bavier, Princeton/PlanetLab
    • Jeff Chase, Duke/ORCA
    • Ted Faber, ISI/ABAC
    • Tom Mitchell, BBN/GPO
  • Open Discussion (All)
  • Vote / Consensus / Sense of the Room
  • Further steps based on outcome

Meeting Summary

A summary of this meeting is available on the GeniAuthorization page.

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