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Project Highlights

Wed, November 2, 8:30am - 10:00am

Organizers: Harry Mussman and Vic Thomas, GPO
Moderators: Aaron Helsinger and Tom Mitchell, GPO


In this session, project PIs (or their representative) will review recent development and integration progress of GENI prototyping projects. Projects are selected because they are now introducing significant capabilities to GENI and demonstrating key GENI concepts. Please note: these projects were selected to provide a cross-section of GENI projects; the list cannot be exhaustive due to the time constraints.



Talk 1

8:30am GENI/Ecalyptus Federated Resource Allocation, a.k.a. GENICloud (1779) - Rick McGeer, HP Labs

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Talk 2

8:45am GENI Experiments for Traffic Capture Capabilities and Security Requirement Analysis, a.k.a. ExptsSecurity (1783) - Xiaoyan Hong, University of Alabama

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Talk 3

9:00am Secure Updates - Justin Cappos (NYU Poly)

  • Highlight: Secure Updates project has built capability that has been used by PrimeGENI and tested on other platforms including PlanetLab to securely distribute updates.
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Talk 4

9:15am Virtual Machine Introspection and Development of a Model Federation Framework for GENI, a.k.a. VMI-FED (1773) - Kara Nance, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Talk 5

9:30am A Programmable Facility for Experimentation with Wireless Heterogeneity and Wide-area Mobility (1724) - Suman Banerjee, Univ Wisconsin

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Talk 6

9:45am GENI WiMAX Base Station Kit - Columbia University Deployment (1770) - Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia Univ

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