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ORCA Cluster

Fri, 0830-0930

Organizer: Ilia Baldine, RENCI

Dial In: 866-453-5550 ; Participant pin: 6513886#

Proposed Agenda

  • 0850-0915 Cluster-D intra-project collaborations
    • Discuss inter-project collaborations for Spiral 4 within Cluster-D (please sign up below for 5 minute talks; slides aren't necessary; please do not present progress reports, this is not the right venue for this. An ideal talk would involve more than one Cluster-D project discussing joint work in Spiral 4; this is the right place to discuss any new features needed of ORCA to support such work)
      • Presentation 1: iGENI Perspectives on Future Collaborative Actvities
      • Presentation 2: xxxx
      • Add more as needed (up to 5)
  • 0915-0930 Cluster-D goals discussion
    • Discuss goals for Cluster-D for Spiral 4

NOTE: - we will not discuss the Racks project in this meeting. No decisions about sites have been made or will be made before this meeting occurs.

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