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New Projects: Experimenter Support and Training

Wed, 1500 - 1630

Organizer: Mark Berman, GPO

Detail: In this session, training and education projects funded under GENI soliciatation 3 will present briefings on their plans to attract and assist GENI experimenters.

Draft agenda

  • Session objectives. Mark Berman, GPO
  • New Project Presentations
    • Education and Support for GENI Experimenters, Robert Ricci, University of Utah
    • GENI Educational Kits for Wireless Sensor Networks, Anish Arora, OSU
    • APRA-GENI: Applying a Project-Based Approach to Understanding Multiple GENI Resources for Networking Research and Education, Kaiqi Xiong, RIT
    • Development of Education and Training Resources for GENI Experimenters, Jay Aikat, UNC
  • Open discussion.

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