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    2424  * ''Andy Bavier, Princeton''
    2525  * ''Ted Faber, ISI''
     27== Meeting Summary ==
     28'''Marshall Brinn''' was introduced. Marshall is new at the GPO and will be the technical director / software architect. Marshall wants to update the GENI wiki to reflect reality, rather than past visions or hopes. He would also like to turn "should" into "is". He thinks GENI needs to narrow the focus and work to put the vision into practice.
     30'''Tom Mitchell''' gave an update on Identity and !InCommon integration. Both U. of Utah and Duke University are releasing attributes to the prototype identity portal. More universities are welcome, but remember, this is a prototype. The portal speaks both GENI credentials and ABAC. We anticipate updating the portal to incorporate some of the new federation concepts and the proposed ABAC vocabulary. Tom's [attachment:wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics:CFTopicsIntro.pdf slides] are available on the [wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics session wiki page].
     32'''Tom Mitchell''' gave an update on RSpecs. There is a new GENI v3 RSpec schema available at This schema is identical to ProtoGENI v2 RSpecs with the exception of being housed at a new location. There is a new !OpenFlow extension to describe flowspace resources. All major players (!OpenFlow, ORCA, !PlanetLab and ProtoGENI) are supporting the standard RSpec schema. Tom's [attachment:wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics:CFTopicsIntro.pdf slides] are available on the [wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics session wiki page].
     34'''Tom Lehman''' gave an update on stitching. The stitching architecture has all the components, the schema has been published, and there is client support for tree mode in [ omni]. Key focus areas going forward are AM API changes to support stitching (specifically negotiating link properties), Internet2 support, and getting more aggregates involved. Tom's [attachment:wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics:stitching-session-gec12-lehman-v2.pdf slides] are available on the [wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics session wiki page].
     36'''Adam Slagell''' moderated a panel discussion on Clearinghouse Design. The panel included '''Ilia Baldine''', '''Andy Bavier''', '''Ted Faber''' and '''Jeff Chase'''. Adam has written [wiki:ClearinghousePanelSummary detailed minutes of the meeting]. The panel was convened as a follow-up to [wiki:GEC11Federation Aaron Falk's GEC 11 Federation Talk] to discuss in more detail the Clearinghouse itself. The panel discussed a vocabulary for talking about the Clearinghouse, its services, and entities that interact with it. The panel also discussed the Project Leader concept introduced by Aaron Falk at GEC 11. Finally, the panel discussed a set of services that the Clearinghouse must and might provide.
     38Panel conclusions:
     39 * GENI needs to include the concept of Project Leader. This is the responsible person with respect to a set of slices and a set of experimenters. The project leader decides who is included in a project as well as who can create or modify slices.
     40 * The set of required services for the Clearinghouse include, but are not limited to:
     41  * trust anchor
     42  * endorser of agreements
     43  * registrar of projects and project leaders
     44  * endorser of GENI actors (identity providers, slice authorities, aggregates)
     45 * The set of optional services for the Clearinghouse include, but are not limited to:
     46  * identity portal (non-exclusive)
     47  * slice authority (non-exclusive)
     48  * resource discovery (non-exclusive)
     50The panel duration was too short to discuss everything, so there remain a number of topics and open questions. These include, but are not limited to:
     51 * Who can bind slices to projects?
     52 * How should credential revocation be handled?
     53 * Is a global slice tracking mechanism required to track GENI-wide allocation limits?
     54 * What information should be collected at project registration?
     55 * What is the composition of the GENI Oversight Group?
     57Panel links:
     58 *  [wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics session wiki page]
     59 * Adam's [attachment:wiki:GEC12ControlFrameworkTopics:GEC12slagell.pptx slides].
     60 * Adam's [wiki:ClearinghousePanelSummary detailed minutes].