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Community Feedback

Notes from GEC attendees' feedback at wrap up session. Notes below represent individual opinions, not the consensus of a group. Notes include both public comments during the session and private verbal comments at the close of the session.

  • Tutorials should hide fewer details.
    • Pushing a button that does all the work under the covers misses the point of learning about GENI.
    • In private feedback, a different attendee disagreed, advocating for keeping at least the introductory tutorials simple.
  • Online agenda is weak
    • Should include locations of sessions
    • Sessions should be webcast (both simulcast and recorded for later viewing).
    • In private feedback, two additional attendees requested that video recorded at GEC12 be posted and an announcement sent to the community.
    • Format of posted conference agenda (a large image file) is poorly chosen.
  • Conference participant list should be made available electronically (USB drive or online posting).
  • GEC should establish a venue for electronic sharing of photos from the conference.
  • Consider revamping the wrap-up session into a "Coming Attractions" format.
    • Avoid predictable session summaries.