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     1== Coding Sprint for Developers and Experimenters ==
     3  Fri, 1300-1600
     5  Organizers: Sarah Edwards, Aaron Helsinger, and Niky Riga, GPO
     7  The coding sprint session provides an opportunity for members of the
     8  GENI community to come work side by side with each other.  GENI
     9  software developers will implement code on a topic selected in
     10  advance.  Meanwhile, GENI experimenters can setup their own
     11  experiments with support from the GPO and other members of the GENI
     12  community.
     14  This software development session provides an opportunity for GENI
     15  engineers to collaborate in real time on a particular software or
     16  documentation issue. The topic will be selected well in advance of
     17  the conference, based on need and key party availability.
     18  Tentatively, the topic will be AM API changes.
     20  There are a slate of AM API changes which will be discussed and
     21  hopefully agreed to earlier in the GEC. At the coding sprint,
     22  software developers who have an existing AM which supports the AM
     23  API are encouraged to meet in the same room and implement the new AM
     24  API changes together.
     26  Experimenters with an idea they want to work on are encouraged to
     27  come do so in the same room as other GENI experimenters.  The GPO
     28  will answer questions and provide assistance on configuring the
     29  experiment.
     31  It is anticipated that most participants will attend in person, but
     32  a telephone and jabber chatroom will be set up for those unable to
     33  attend in person.
     35  Snacks will be provided.
     37  While it is not required, it would be appreciated if developers or
     38  experimenters who plan to attend send e-mail to Sarah Edwards
     39  ( in advance so we know how many people are coming.