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Workshop: Attribution requirements for GENI and GENI experiments


Matt Bishop, UC Davis; Jeffery Hunker, Jeffrey Hunker Associates LLC; Carrie Gates, CA Labs Inc


Thu 9:00 - 10:30 am


This session will bring together members of the GENI community working with or developing attribution in its broadest form, including identity, specific characteristics such as packet origin and size, and other attributes relevant to experiments being conducted or to the operation and maintenance of GENI.


The goals of this session are to brainstorm on how different GENI projects plan to develop and use attribution, what attributes they plan to develop for use and would like to develop; and what properties of an attribution infrastructure would best meet their needs, the needs of experimenters, and enable the operators of GENI to manage and protect GENI. We expect to develop a list or description of these attributes, and ideas about the infrastructure and its interfaces.

Background Reading

Attribution for GENI handout, available below and at; also on that web site are a recommended paper and report (for the very interested).

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