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    111111  5:00pm  [[BR]]
     113  Use Case 1)  Service from Local or Internet Application [[BR]]
     114    Local user connects MS via WiMAX to BS, and receives service from applications on a local network or via the Internet.  Similar to commercial 4G service. [[BR]]
     116  Use Case 2)  Experiment with “Fixed” Mobile Node (Station) [[BR]]
     117    Local or remote experimenter logs in to BS and uses OMF/OML to setup and run experiment between “fixed” mobile node (“in window”) and fixed node.  This is essential to be able to support a remote experimenter.   [[BR]]
     119  Use Case 3)  Experiment with “Roaming” Mobile Node (Station) [[BR]]
     120    Local experimenter logs in to BS and uses OMF/OML to setup experiment between “roaming” mobile node (that is connected to BS) and fixed node, and starts experiment in fixed node. [[BR]]
     121    Then, local experimenter disconnects mobile node from BS, and uses Exp Cntrl Srvc on mobile node to run experiment in mobile node while the roaming, storing data on Meas Srvr on mobile node. [[BR]]
     122    Finally, local experimenter reconnects mobile node to BS,  and transfers data from Meas Srvr on mobile node to Meas Srvr at BS.  [[BR]]
    113125  2)  Features  Harry Mussman  (BBN)[[BR]]
    114126  5:05pm  [[BR]]