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    3131 * Conclusion - Aaron Helsinger (10 minutes) [attachment:RSpecs-Summary.pdf slides]
     33==== Meeting Summary ====
     34'''Aaron Helsinger''' described progress on deploying GENI RSpecs.
     35The schema is published, and support has been added to ProtoGENI and SFA (!PlanetLab). That support is rolling out to many sites, and the Omni and Flack tools support it. Support at Orca and !OpenFlow is in process. AM API revisions to codify support for these RSpecs are available in draft form.
     37'''Ilia Baldine''' described the compute ontology.
     38His next step is to encode it in NDL and merge that into his RSpec-to-NDL converter.
     40Comments included
     41 - PG makes the hardware type and the available images orthogonal. May need to define subclouds. Needs investigation.
     42 - Unknown shortcuts requested at an AM Should fail or be ignored.
     43 - Shortcuts could be organized by features.
     45'''Max Ott''' argued for several improvements:
     46 - use adaptations to make properties of the underlying fabric be constrains on the connecting AMs
     47 - model component lifecycle
     48 - keep the object model separate from its meaning
     49 - group resources
     50 - measurements must be in terms of same resources (coordinate with the I&M group)
     52'''Hongwei Zhang''' described LENS, a representation of wireless sensor networks that explicitly represents all properties, including observables.
     54'''Mike Zink''' described the problem of representing storage resources - both in the cloud and attached to compute resources. He plans to start by representing cloud resources (as in Amazon S3/EBS), building a simple model and an RSpec extension.
     56Comments indicated the importance of representing security, how the storage is accessed (iSCSI?), and including basic properties like capacity in the UML.
     58==== Proposed Next Steps ====
     59 - Evolve ontologies as needed
     60 - Develop storage and wireless ontologies
     61 - Further rollout of support for GENI RSpec schema
     62 - Adopt AM API revisions
     63 - Move GENI RSpec schemas to the namespace
    3366==== Background Reading ====
    3467 * [wiki:GeniRspec RSpecs Design Activities]