ProtoGENI Cluster


Rob Ricci, Univ. Utah


Thurs 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Dial In

866-453-5550 Participant pin: 6513886#


A meeting of the project teams associated with the ProtoGENI cluster. This meeting is primarily targeted to developers of aggregates, tools and other software that integrate with the ProtoGENI control framework. The meeting will be run as an informal discussion. Topics of conversation will include:

  • Services for cross-aggregate slices - currently, each aggregate sets up IP addresses, routes, hosts files, etc. for the slivers in that aggregate. However, it doesn't include slivers that live on other aggregates. This means, for example, that users must set up cross-aggregate routes themselves. I think it's time we considered running things like routing daemons, nameservers, etc. to make cross-aggregate slices work together better. Obviously, these sorts of multi-domain problems have been dealt with in the Internet, giving us things like OSPF, BGP, and the DNS. But what form should this take in ProtoGENI? Which services should we provide, and which (hopefully existing, not new) tools should we use to provide them?
  • Integrating more tools (such as Raven) into Flack - do we need a plugin architecture in Flack?
  • Certificate format update
  • Other topics that have come up at the GEC - I'm sure that many of the software-track sessions will raise issues that we need to decide how to handle in our control framework. We'll use some of our cluster meeting time to talk about these.
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