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Selected Project Highlights

Tuesday, July 26, 10:00 am - 12 noon
Session Leaders: Harry Mussman (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies) and Vic Thomas (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies)


This session will highlight a few GENI projects, selected because they are now introducing significant capabilities to GENI and demonstrating key GENI concepts. Please note: these projects were selected to provide a cross-section of GENI projects; the list cannot be exhaustive due to the time constraints.


Talk 1

10:00am Instrumentation Tools - Jim Griffioen, (Univ. Kentucky)

  • Highlight: Tools that can be included in protoGENI slice to instrument an experiment, and their use by experimenters.

Talk 2

10:15am OMF/OML (and use in WiMAX experiments) - Max Ott (NICTA)

  • Highlight: Capabilities of OMF to script experiments, and OML to gather data from experiment applications, to be used by WiMAX experimenters.



Talk 3

11:00am Measurement Data Archive - Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI)

  • Highlight: Prototype service in operation to provide experimenters with user workspace, and long-term archives.

Talk 4

11:15am Secure Updates - Justin Cappos (NYU Poly)

  • Highlight: Secure Updates project has built capability that has been used by PrimeGENI and tested on other platforms including PlanetLab to securely distribute updates.

Talk 5

11:30am SFace and Raven Tools - Andy Bavier (Princeton Univ.)

  • Highlight: Sface is a new tool available to GENI experimenters that works with any aggregate that implements the GENI AM API and uses GENI rspecs; Sface's integration with Raven helps experimenters distribute and manage versions of experiment software.

Talk 6

11:45am GUSH Tools - Jeannie Albrecht (Williams College)

  • Highlight: A full-featured experiment control tool for GENI experimenters, that works with any aggregate that implements the GENI AM API.



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