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    1111    In our new  SECON network, users can send User Interest (UI) packets to Content Resolution Server (CRS) to request for content data (CD) packets associated with a particular URI. The UIs will be forwarded by the receiving CRS to other CRSes that know who will be publishing content packets related to that URI. The UIs can also have intentional-named destinations e.g. all CRSes within a certain geographical area. In addition content publishers can send content publish announcements to CRSes before they forward content data packets to these CRSes.  We have a preliminary prototype that supports UI, CPA & CD features. More features will be added in the near future.
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     14More Information: [[br]]
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     20== GENI Experiments on P2P and MANET Networks ==
     22Haiyin (Helen) Shen, Clemson University [[br]]
     23Kuang-Ching Wang, Clemson University [[br]]
     24Kang Chen, Clemson University [[br]]
     25Ke Xu, Clemson University [[br]]
     26Steven Winburn, Clemson University [[br]]
     29   Today’s society is witnessing a tremendous increase in digital information. Myriads of applications call for the pooling and sharing of massive amounts of widely-scattered data at ever increasing scales that require a commensurate infrastructure of powerful networked distributed systems across wide and diverse areas. We will implement two existing data sharing algorithms, Cycloid and LORD, on the P2P and MANET networks, and thus identify and investigate potential issues in data sharing applications in these different heterogeneous networks.  We are using GENI as the testbed for simulating the P2P and MANET network environments.  Also, we will conduct a multi-system GENI experiment to demonstrate how each domain should have its own routing solutions while all the domains are federated through !OpenFlow gateways.