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     347== Socially Aware Single System Image ==
     349Prof. Chunming Qiao (PI), SUNY Buffalo [[br]]
     350Lokesh Mandvekar, SUNY Buffalo
     353   A single system image (SSI) is the property of a system that hides the heterogeneous and distributed nature of the available resources and presents them to users and applications as a single unified computing resource. The current GENI infrastructure allows users to select and configure resources at geographically dispersed deployments and thus create their own “slice”. Our proposed experiment will allow a user to augment his resources into a single unified system by leasing/sharing resources with his friends/social contacts (along the lines of a social networking model). An SSI will thus be different from a GENI end-to-end slice in that the SSI effectively appears as a single system to the user and not as a heterogeneous end-to-end connected set of resources. An SSI cluster provides the following benefits:
     354        1. single entry point
     355        2. single user interface
     356        3. single process space
     357        4. single memory space
     358        5. single i/o space
     359        6. single file hierarchy
     360        7. single job management system
     361        8. single control point and management
     362   The other most important benefit of using an SSI is security and data privacy. By forming an SSI with trusted resources an user can get the computing power needed to run his/her application without the fear of the application being compromised by using a third party service.