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Before configuring your omni, you will need to run this command. For <USERNAME>, you can use anything you want. -f gcf.ini -u <USERNAME>

Then we would need to start a local clearing house, slice authority and aggregate manager. Run this command to start the CH and the SA:

xterm -e -f gcf.ini &

Run this command to start the AM:

xterm -e  -f gcf.ini &

Now you can go ahead and configure omni. You can go through the omni commands that we go over in the tutorial just use the option '-f my_gcf'.

  • 'createslice' command would look like createslice <USERNAME>slice -f my_gcf
  • 'listmyslices' listmyslices <USERNAME> -f my_gcf
  • 'renewslice' renewslice -c omni_config_inki inkislice -f my_gcf 20110727T00:00:00

Also use the '--omnispec' in listresources, createsliver. So listresources would look like

  • 'listresources' listresources -f my_gcf --omnispec -o
    Copy the output file from the above command to a new file
    cp omnispec-1AMs.json rspecs/mygcf.rspec

  • 'createsliver' Edit the above created file, 'mygcf.rspec', and change the 'allocate' (NOT the 'allocated') from false to true and then createsliver -f my_gcf --omnispec <USERNAME>slice rspecs/mygcf.rspec
  • 'listresources' in a slice listresources -f my_gcf --omnispec <USERNAME>slice
  • 'deletesliver' deletesliver -f my_gcf --omnispec <USERNAME>slice