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WiMAX Campus Deployment Meeting

Thursday, March 17, 2011, 9:00am - 10:30am
Room: San Juan 5
Session Leader: Harry Mussman (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies)

This is a tentative agenda, and is expected to change.




The projects involved in deploying WiMAX base stations will review their current status and progress towards their Spiral 3 roadmap goals.


BBN Technologies Harry Mussman, Manu Gosain
NEC Laboratories America Sampath Rangarajan, Rajesh Mahindra
WINLAB Ivan Seskar
Columbia Univ Sung-Hoon Seo, Jan Janak
Polytechnic Institute of NYU Thanasis Korakis
UCLA Giovanni Pau, two students
Colorado Dirk Grunwald
UMass Amherst Mark Corner
Wisconsin Derek Meyer


Deployment Status (one slide from each campus)

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne, Sung-Hoon Seo and Jan Janak:
Status: slides
Summary: Working indoors; ready to use WiMAX RF AggMgr. Waiting for contract approval and installation outdoors; hoping for early March.

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis Thanasis
Status: slides
Summary: Installed; using WiMAX RF AggMgr. Completed basic range and throughput measurements; see below. Begun work on two additional experiments.

UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau Giovanni:
Status: slides
Earlier summary: Antenna on 10th floor, -5deg tilt; Windows laptop with USB-connected 6250; seeing 14Mb/s DL, 1 Mb/s UL;; connect to vehicle up to 230 m; done handoff WiMAX to WiFi; heavy rain doubled delay (why?) ; $40k to install link to I2; installed WiMAX RF AggMgr, but not yet in use.
Summary: Connected to vehicle up to 300M; client always receives, but cannot always connect; helped by setting client IP address; windows client works better than Linux client; seen throughput to 14Mb/s DL and 2 - 3 Mbs/ UL; done load tests with 4 of 11 Intel 5150 clients; done seamless integration with WiFi.
Poster from demo session: [ poster]

Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald Univ. of Colorado, Boulder Dirk:
Status: slides
Summary: NEC BTS installed, and ready for turnup. Operating in A4/B4 block; also Clearwire; also U Colorado private network, built by Airspan. Starting data modeling using Anritsu MS2721B with WiMAX demodulator; acquiring propagation based model from Airspan deployment.
References: Airspan plan for U Colorado slides. MS thesis on "Field Study of WiMMX Performance" text.

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn Mark:
Status: slides [BR]] Summary: Working inside, client to base station, to ASN GW data path. Ready to sign contract for installation on top of 17-story building; both omni and sector antennas, manual switch; expect shading near building, but CS building not in shadow, approx 0.5 mi away. Will deploy on x3 DOME busses later this year; currently antenna will be inside of the bus.
Issue: Send info on remote antenna switch.
Issue: Would like ocverage to downtown Amherst, 1 mi away; can this be done?
Issue: Can antenna be moved outside of bus for better range? Check with how UW Madison puts antennas on buses.

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee Derek Meyer:
Status: slides Summary: Have base station installed and working, with sector antenna 150 ft high, 10 deg tilt. Using dongle with Windows 7 PC; seen RSSI from -40 dbm down to -60 dbm. Have seen connectivity up to 300 yds.
Existing Cisco system: Connectivity to buses, equipped with large client antenna, up to 500M, for coverage over 1.25 sq mi. Poster from demo session: [ poster]

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA Manu Gosain and Harry Mussman:
Status: Installed and operating. Range and throughput measurements completed; see below.

Deployment Status Summary

On Feb 23:

Campus Who Indoors Outdoors Intel 6250 modem? New WiMAX RF AggMgr? Add OMF/OML? Access to GENI backbone? Comments
Columbia University Jan Janak Yes Hope for early March Yes x x ? Indoor testing started; received info request from Clearwire
Polytechnic Institute of NYU Thanasis Korakis - Yes Yes Yes ? ? Working on mobile stations and measurements
University of California, Los Angeles Giovanni Pau - Yes Intel 5130 modem Installed, not yet using x Campus via CENIC to I2 for Internet; $40k charge Outdoor testing starting
University of Colorado, Boulder Dirk Grunwald Yes Installation starting Monday x x x Pricing campus tunnel to I2 Working with campus IT; outdoor testing started
University of Massachusetts Brian Lynn Yes Plan March 2011 Yes, with USB, under Xen x NA Requesting 2nd VLAN Facility plan revised; prelim shading analysis completed
University of Wisconsin, Madison Derek Meyer Yes Installation underway x x x I2 is in next lab Plant mgmt to install on Waisman Ctr
BBN Technologies Manu Gosain - Yes Yes Yes started I2, NLR Range/throughput testing completed
Rutgers University Ivan Seskar - Yes Yes Yes Yes I2 Plan Bush Campus install by Feb 2011

Spiral 3 Roadmap

Install and bring up WiMAX base station kit, including the ASN Gateway. (GEC10, or earlier)

Evaluate range and thoughput of WiMAX base station kit and Linux PC with Intel WiMAX modem card and/or mobile station used for for experiments. (GEC10, or earlier) (GEC11)

Install and bring up an instance of OMF/OML. (GEC10, or earlier) (GEC11)

Operate and maintain the WiMax BS and the related GENI controller, using ORBIT Management Framework (OMF), with support for remote access by GENI users. (GEC11)

Present a mobility demo using WiMAX base station node, including the ASN Gateway, a Linux PC with Intel WiMAX modem card, or the dual-mode vehicular nodes, supporting both WiFi and WiMAX, required for your experiments, and a local instance of OMF/OML. (GEC10) (GEC11)

Install and bring up experiment-controlled L2 (or OpenFlow) switch, to provide enhanced connectivity from the WiMAX testbed to the GENI backbone. (GEC11) (GEC12)

Install and bring up Virtual Base Station (vBS)server, to support multiple simultaneous experiments (slicing) on the GENI WiMAX base station node. (GEC11) (?)

Present mobility and/or application demos/experiments, showing support for multiple simultaneous experiments (slicing) of the GENI WiMAX base station node, and remote access by GENI users, utilizing experiment-controlled L2 (or OpenFlow) switch, and Virtual Base Station (vBS) server. (GEC11) (?)

WiMAX Range and Throughput Measurements, and Site Planning

Range and throughput at BBN (Manu Gosain, Tony Michel Tom Cahill and Harry Mussman) Manu and Harry:
Summary: slides
Description: Experiment uses script in mobile station and server behind base station to evaluate connection with ping and iperf. Seeing good throughput to 0.25 mi, but not yet further. Soon, will vary BTS and iperf parameters to see if can find a set for greater distances at lower rates. Do not expect range beyond 0.6mi.

Range and throughput at NYU Poly (Thanasis Korakis) Thanasis:
Summary: slides
Description: Throughput from 0.5 to 12Mbps; asymmetry on the uplink and downlink; many variations in urban area.

Upgrade to new WiMAX RF AggMgr

Functions and procedures (Ivan Seskar and Manu Gosain)

Review of functionality; includes ability to get, store and restore a full set of BTS configuration parameters.

Review of process to move to new WiMAX RF AggMgr. slides

Add OMF/OML Capabilites

Upgrade to OMF/OML (case 2) required to support experimenters. (Harry Mussman and Manu Gosain)

Supporting Experimenters

Established an experiment exchange and experimenter mailing list, at (Harry Mussman)

MIT experiments, using BBN BTS

Clemson experiments, using BBN and/or Rutgers BTS

Two experiments being planned at NYU Poly. [ sldies]

Mobile Stations

HTC EVO handset (Giovanni Pau) Will get one in Europe, end of May, Vodaphone dealer, unlocked. How can we get more?

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