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    134134  PLEASE upload slides to this page, and make other contributions to the WiMAX Integration Wiki  [[BR]]
    135135  Contact if you need a login  [[BR]]
     137== Spiral 3 Roadmap  ==
     139  Install and bring up WiMAX base station kit, including the ASN Gateway. (GEC10, or earlier)
     141  Evaluate range and thoughput of WiMAX base station kit and Linux PC with Intel WiMAX modem card and/or mobile station used for for experiments.  (GEC10, or earlier)  (GEC11)
     143  Install and bring up an instance of OMF/OML. (GEC10, or earlier)  (GEC11)
     145  Operate and maintain the WiMax BS and the related GENI controller, using ORBIT Management Framework (OMF), with support for remote access by GENI users. (GEC11)
     147  Present a mobility demo using WiMAX base station node, including the ASN Gateway, a Linux PC with Intel WiMAX modem card, or the dual-mode vehicular nodes, supporting both WiFi and WiMAX, required for your experiments, and a local instance of OMF/OML. (GEC10)  (GEC11)
     149  Install and bring up experiment-controlled L2 (or OpenFlow) switch, to provide enhanced connectivity from the WiMAX testbed to the GENI backbone. (GEC11)  (GEC12)
     151  Install and bring up Virtual Base Station (vBS)server, to support multiple simultaneous experiments (slicing) on the GENI WiMAX base station node. (GEC11)  (?)
     153  Present mobility and/or application demos/experiments, showing support for multiple simultaneous experiments (slicing) of the GENI WiMAX base station node, and remote access by GENI users, utilizing experiment-controlled L2 (or OpenFlow) switch, and Virtual Base Station (vBS) server. (GEC11)  (?)