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GENI Network Stitching

Session Leader

Tom Lehman, ISI Aaron Helsinger, GPO


Wed 3:30 - 6 pm


This meeting will strive for consensus on a software architecture for network stitching in GENI. A key architectural question for GENI has been how to connect the resources provided by multiple aggregates into a coherent network. The key objective is to enable automated and realtime network stitching for slices which span multiple aggregates. Ethernet VLANs have been identified as the initial network technology to provide slice level inter-aggregate connections and isolation. However, there are many architecture and design decisions still required. These include, how do you select the VLAN IDs to use and inform all necessary aggregates? How do you handle external networks which may be in between two GENI Aggregates of interest? Is the network stitching service a shared service which coordinates across aggregates, or are aggregates responsible for coordinating amongst themselves, or a hybrid model? How is stitching related information described and shared ?

Over the years the community has discussed this in various forums, and multiple implementations are in use in the community. However, it is now critical to define an architecture and design which will enable networking stitching to be generally available within GENI. In recent weeks that discussion has become more focused and several key stakeholders have debated various alternatives. This meeting will include a presentation of a proposed GENI network stitching architecture and alternatives, and an open community discussion on these issues.

Background Reading


  • Introduction and Background - Aaron Helsinger
  • Proposed Architecture - Tom Lehman
  • Implications and Alternatives - TBD
  • Discussion (all)
  • Summary and Wrap Up - Aaron Helsinger

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