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    5757  * Summary and Wrap Up - Aaron Helsinger (10 mins) [attachment:stitching-summary-AaronH.pdf slides] [[br]]
     59=== Community Agreement from the meeting ===
     60The session concluded with community agreement on three points:
     61 - GENI stitching will follow the described architecture
     62 - Details will be worked out
     63 - Next steps as outlined below
     65=== Next steps ===
     66 - Schema: Jon Duerig of ProtoGENI is iterating on a PG-compatible stitching schema that preserves ION compatibility.
     67 - Functions: The community will continue discussion points as described below, particularly working out how chain & tree interoperate, and working though some use cases.
     68 - API to be proposed for adoption at GEC11
     69 - Interoperability demonstration at GEC12
     71=== Selected points from the discussions ===
     72 - Don't make use of all functions mandatory
     73 - Functions are not necessarily new architectural boxes
     74 - Tom suggested some functions could have an implementation which exists as a central GENI service (eg Topology Service), available to all for use as desired.  Although use would not required.
     75 - The architecture should not force CFs to redo work they've already done
     76 - We must support both chain and tree workflows
     77  - can they work together? Is 1 a subset of the other, modulo security?
     78 - How much direct negotiation between aggregates is required: this adds complexity, but without VLAN translation may be necessary
     79 - How prevalent should we expect translation to be? do we optimize for it?
     80 - Work out some use cases. For example, make sure a large topology that loops back (A -> B -> A) is explicitly worked through as an example and supported.
     81 - Updating of information in the topology service is a question: keeping it up to date is hard, but 'static' data may change very often
     82  - perhaps support both a push&pull AM auto-update mechanism?
     83 - At the high level of this discussion, all speakers expressed their support for this effort and basic design
    5985==== Background Reading ====
    6086  * GENI Stitching Architecture Proposal: [[br]]