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GENI Experiment Management with Raven


Scott Baker, SB Software
John Hartman, University of Arizona


Wed 1:00 - 3:00 pm


The tutorial covers use of the Raven tool set to prepare, manage, and monitor experiments. We'll start by showing how to install the Raven tools on a slice and how to install the Raven end-user tools on a local machine. Participants will then use Stork and Tempest tools within Raven to distribute RPM packages and the Owl tool will be used to provide monitoring of the experiment. Once the attendees are familiar with installing stock fedora packages on their slices, we'll move toward creating a custom experiment.

The custom experiment will likely be an all pairs ping on a set of GENI nodes from the PlanetLab control framework. The attendees will be able to place the sample experiment into their Raven environment and use the Raven tool to publish the experiment to their nodes. Finally, our new Kong experiment management service will be used to launch the experiment and to collect the results. Along the way we'll show how the Owl tool is used to verify that the nodes are working properly.

We expect to be providing a pool of pre-setup PlanetLab accounts and slices for the participants of the demo. Slices will already be instantiated on sets of nodes.

Please arrive with…

Laptop. The Laptop should have internet connectivity and be configured with a Web browser and an SSH program.


Visit to get a general feel for the tools and view the video tutorials listed at as background information.


After completing this tutorial, you will be able to install software on GENI nodes, push a distributed experiment to GENI nodes, manage the experiment, and collect the results.