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Selected Project Highlights

Tuesday, March 15, 10:00 am - 12 noon
Session Leaders: Harry Mussman (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies) and Vic Thomas (GPO, Raytheon BBN Technologies)


This session will highlight a few GENI projects, selected because they are now introducing significant capabilities to GENI and demonstrating key GENI concepts. Please note: these projects were selected to provide a cross-section of GENI projects; the list cannot be exhaustive due to the time constraints.

A short review of status and contributions will be presented by Project PIs, to be followed by a brief round-table session to answer questions from the audience.


This is a tentative agenda, which is expected to change.

Talk 1

10:00am Shadownet - Zongming Fei, U. of Kentucky

  • Highlight: Virtualization and instrumentation of GENI backbone resources. slides

Talk 2

10:10am Data Intensive Cloud Control - Michael Zink, U. Mass Amherst

  • Highlight: Integrating Amazon cloud resources into GENI.

Talk 3


  1. WiMAX projects - Thanasis Korakis, NYU Poly
    • Highlight: Multiple WiMAX deployments completed; experiments underway.



Talk 4

11:00am Aki Nakao, U. of Tokyo

Talk 5

11:15am ProtoGENI Tools - Matt Strum, U. of Utah

  • Highlight: New set of tools for experimenters.

Talk 6

11:25am OnTimeMeasure - Prasad Calyam, Ohio Supercomputing Center

  • Highlight: Integration of instrumentation control into the Gush experiment control tool.
  • slides

Talk 7

11:35am LAMP - Martin Swany, U. of Delaware

  • Highlight: Porting of an extensive instrumentation system to operate within a GENI slice

Talk 8

11:45am Measurement System - Charles Thomas, U. of Wisconsin

  • Highlight: Packet capture based measurement system that is integrated into the ProtoGENI control framework and available to experimenters.





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