Tutorial: Conducting simulation and emulation experiments using PrimoGENI


Nathanael Van Vorst, Miguel Erazo, Neil Goldman, and Jason Liu, Florida International Univ.


Tues 1:00 - 2:30 pm


PrimoGENI enables real-time network simulation as part of the GENI "ecosystem", by extending an existing network simulator to become part of the GENI federation as a GENI aggregate. PrimoGENI allows the real-time network simulator to interoperate with the rest GENI infrastructure to support large-scale experiments involving both physical and simulated network entities. This tutorial will introduce to the users how to design and run network experiments using PrimoGENI's graphical user interface, and demonstrate PrimoGENI's support for the lifecycle of network experimentation through several use cases.


Please arrive with a laptop running unix to take part in the hands-on portion of this tutorial. You would need to:

1) Have network access (provided by GEC);

2) Have the laptop preinstalled with Java (the PrimoGENI user API is in Java); and

3) Have an approved account on EmuLab (




After completing this tutorial, you will be able to construct and run simple simulation and emulation experiments on PrimoGENI.

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