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The MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture and Plans for Experimental Evaluation on GENI


Ivan Seskar, Rutgers University


This talk presents an overview of the "MobilityFirst" network architecture currently being developed under NSF's Future Internet Architecture (FIA) program. Key protocol components of the proposed architecture are introduced - these include fast global name resolution service, self-certifying names for network objects, hybrid name/address based routing, in-network storage at routers, hop-by-hop transport, and location or context-aware services. Experimental prototyping and evaluation plans for the MobilityFirst protocol stack in representative mobile Internet usage scenarios such as hybrid WiFi/cellular, ad-hoc/mesh, vehicular and machine-to-machine (M2M) are discussed. The talk concludes with an identification of GENI/ORBIT platforms (such as the GENI open WiMax base station, campus WiFi deployments and vehicular nodes) and related experiment management and measurement capabilities needed to support realistic protocol evaluations during the next stage of the project.

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