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Tutorial: Hands-on OpenFlow for campuses


Srini Seetharaman, Stanford/Deutsche Telekom
Masayoshi Kobayashi, Stanford/NEC
Rob Sherwood, Stanford/Deutsche Telekom


Tues 1:00 - 5:00 pm


OpenFlow is an open interface for remotely controlling the forwarding tables in network switches, routers, and access points and becoming one of the key components used in GENI. This tutorial is your opportunity to gain hands-on experience on deploying OpenFlow in your campus. Following an introduction to OpenFlow and the Open Programmable Extensible Networking (OPEN) architecture, we will demonstrate using different switches and controllers in a production environment. Further, each participant will hands-on learn the OpenFlow software suite: you'll view flow tables with dpctl, dissect packets with Wireshark, slice an emulated network using the FlowVisor, use Expedient/Opt-in Manager (GENI integration software) to allow experiments over the substrate.


An understanding of VLANs.

Please arrive with…





After the tutorial, you will be able to deploy OpenFlow-enabled hardware switches and latest controllers from a number of vendors. Further, you will be able to troubleshoot any operational issues that crop up in your environment.