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OpenFlow Campus Deployment Coordination

Session leader(s)

Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO Integrations and Operations Director


Wed 4:30 - 6:00 pm


This session covers current plans and schedules for campuses that are actively involved in OpenFlow deployment and integration in Spiral 3. Attendees should be actively involved in a GENI OpenFlow project currently, or be adding OpenFlow to their campus network within the next year. This is a continuation of past GEC OpenFlow Campus planning meetings and is not recommended for people who are new to OpenFlow (see the hands-on OpenFlow for Campuses tutorial for starting with OpenFlow).

Background reading



Announcement: Volunteers needed for informal Campus Roundtable session on Thursday 3/17 10-10:30 in Bahai 2.

  1. Spiral 3 Production GENI Trials and TangoGENI (10 minutes) Heidi Picher Dempsey
  1. OF Software and Monitoring (10 minutes) Masayoshi Kobayashi, Srinivasan Seetharaman
  1. Selected Site Updates (40 minutes)

Clemson University Kuang-Ching Wang, Dan Schmiedt

Florida International University Julio Ibarra

Georgia Tech Nick Feamster

Kansas State Ali Sydney

  1. NEC OpenFlow Controller (10 minutes) Atsushi Iwata
  1. Big Switch OpenFlow Controller (10 minutes) Kyle Forster

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