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Tutorial: OnTimeMeasure Capabilities for GENI Experimenters


Prasad Calyam, Ohio Supercomputer Center/OARnet
Rohit Patali, OARnet


Tues 4:00 - 5:00 pm


The purpose of the tutorial is to inform GENI experimenters and provide hands-on experience about how to use the OnTimeMeasure measurement service to monitor their experiment environment, as well as collect and analyze on-going and on-demand measurements of network and system performance with their experiment slices.

A list of topics that will be covered in the tutorial are:

  • Use cases of experimenters that motivate the existing OnTimeMeasure capabilities in GENI
  • Terminology and functions of software bundles: Node Beacon, Root Beacon, OnTime Beacon, OnTime Control
  • Taking advantage of integration with GENI projects: OnTimeMeasure-ProtoGENI, OnTimeMeasure-PlanetLab, OnTimeMeasure-CRON, OnTimeMeasure-InsTools, OnTimeMeasure-GUSH
  • Example Experiment Demo: Demonstration of a GENI experiment requesting/managing/querying measurements through OnTimeMeasure to address a network science and engineering research issue (e.g., resource allocation in a virtual desktop cloud)


It is desirable for the attendee to have familiarity with the steps to create a slice in ProtoGENI/Planetlab

Please arrive with…



If attendee has an active slice in ProtoGENI/PlanetLab with atleast 2 nodes before the start of the tutorial, it can speed-up the setup of OnTimeMeasure in the tutorial. We highly recommend attendees to review the following wikis before the tutorial:


After completing this tutorial, you will be able to have a working OnTimeMeasure measurement service in your experiment slice, and will have the training to adapt it within your experiment