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ORCA Cluster-D Meeting at GEC10

Thursday, March 17, 2011, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Session Leaders: Jeff Chase (Duke University) and Ilia Baldine (RENCI)


The projects involved in ORCA Cluster D will review their current status and progress towards their Spiral 3 roadmap goals of connectivity, interoperability and support for experiments.


This is a tentative agenda, and is expected to change.



ORCA software report


  • Bella 2.2 features and status
  • Bella 3.x upcoming Spiral 3 features
    • New substrate support
    • Experiment support
    • Authentication and authorization
  • ProtoGENI interoperability
    • Connectivity planning
    • Naming and format conversions
    • Handlers and policies
    • Tools integration
  • Clearinghouse and intra-cluster connectivity
    • Status
    • Actor registry
    • Future

ORCA Cluster D project reports

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Each project should prepare NO MORE THAN THREE slides for presentation, and upload to the wiki below:

1) Status of functions and features planned for Spiral 3:

2) Connectivity planned for Spiral 3:

  • Component programming via SSH?
  • VLAN connectivity to Internet 2? NLR? How many VLANs?
  • Ability to control setup of VLANs as part of experiment?

3) Experiments planned for Spiral 3:

  • Use by outside researchers?
  • Use involving multiple aggregates?
  • Use for research experiments?










Summary of Spiral 3 Goals


  • Programmable Packet Networks over Dynamic Circuit Substrate (Jeff Chase, Xiaowei Yang)
  • Optical-layer experiments (BEN network, ERM sensors and actuators, IMF capabiliites)
  • Mobile wireless experiments (DOME)
  • Nowcasting experiments, using weather data from ViSE radar, processed in local cluster and/or cloud (ViSE and DICLOUD)
  • Sensor network experiments (Kansei, Neteye)
  • Robotics experiments (OKGems)


  • Researchers can obtain and stitch resources from multiple aggregates
  • Researchers from other CFs (e.g., protoGENI) can obtain resources from Cluster D aggregates via GENI AM API
  • Researchers in Cluster D can obtain resources from aggregates other CFs (e.g., protoGENI)via GENI AM API

Demos for GEC10

  • Demo experiment where Cluster D researchers obtain and stitch resources from multiple Cluster D sites (and backbone domains) using their SM.
  • Demo experiment where protoGENI researchers obtain resources via GENI AM API v1.0, using RSpec resource description.
  • Demo operations portal into Cluster D site, for status and logs, with connections to GMOC

Demos for GEC11

  • Demo experiment where Cluster D researchers get resources from protoGENI aggregates via GENI AM API v1.0 (or possibly protoGENI AM API) (using RSpec resource description)
  • Demo experiment where Cluster D researchers stitch L2 connectivity across Cluster C (protoGENI), and Cluster D sites
  • Demo experiment where Cluster D researchers include tools (e.g., GUSH) to help authorize, reserve and assign resources via “ORCA SM API v1.0” XMLRPC interface to their SM (similar to protoGENI AM API, or possibly same as GENI AM API v2.0)

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