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     1=== Tutorial: Describe, instrument, and execute your experiment with OMF and OML ===
     3==== Organizers ====
     4 Christoph Dwertmann (presenter), Ivan Seskar (presenter), Max Ott, [ Thierry Rakotoarivelo], and Jolyon White
     6==== Time ====
     7  Wed   3:30 - 6:00 pm
     9==== Description ====
     11  Experimental platforms (aka testbeds) are instrumental in the
     12  development and evaluation of new Internet and networking
     13  technologies. OMF is a set of software tools and services which
     14  allow testbed operators to manage and optimise the use of their
     15  experimental resources, and which allow testbed users
     16  (e.g. researchers) to systematically describe, instrument, execute
     17  their experiments, and analyse their results. OMF is installed on
     18  many testbeds worldwide and within GENI (e.g. ORBIT WiMAX
     19  testbed). It supports wired/wireless based experiments,
     20  disconnection/reconnection of mobile resources, heterogeneous
     21  devices (e.g. !WiFi, WiMAX), experiments across testbeds using
     22  different control frameworks (e.g. PlanetLab and Orbit), etc...
     24  This tutorial is aimed at students and researchers who would like to
     25  use OMF to streamline their approach to experiment design and
     26  execution on different testbeds and more particularly on GENI
     27  testbeds providing WiMAX resources. It is a "hands-on" tutorial,
     28  where participants will follow and reproduce the presented examples
     29  directly on the OMF-enabled ORBIT testbed. The session will include:
     30  1) a brief overview of the OMF system, 2) a first set of tutorials
     31  on how to design and run basic experiments, 3) a second set of
     32  tutorials on how to instrument resources, collect measurements via
     33  OML, and analyse them, 4) a brief overview of the architecture of
     34  the GENI Meso-Scale WiMAX deployment, a description of the hardware
     35  and software components and a third set of tutorials on
     36  experimentation with WiMAX based resources.
     38==== Prerequisites ====
     39  None
     42==== Please arrive with... ====
     43  Laptop with a working SSH client
     45==== Pre-work ====
     46  None required.  However, people who would be interested in attending the tutorial may want to visit our [ OMF documentation pages] for more information. In addition, the tutorial materials will be made available before the session on [ our tutorial pages].
     49==== Results ====
     51  After completing this tutorial, you will be able to describe and
     52  execute experiments using OMF. You will also be able to retrieve and
     53  analyse the measurements from these experiments. Finally you will
     54  have a crisp understanding of the GENI Meso-scale WiMAX deployment
     55  and on how to use these WiMAX resources in your experiments.