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Tutorial: GpENI Architecture, Deployment, Configuration, and Experimentation


James P.G. Sterbenz, Egemen K, Çetinkaya, Justin P. Rohrer, The University of Kansas
Deep Medhi, Xuan Liu, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Byrav Ramamurthy, Pragu Angu, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Caterina Scoglio, Ali Sydney, Kansas State University


Thurs 9:00 - 10:30 am


This tutorial will provide a comprehensive introduction to GpENI: The Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation. First, the architecture and programmability at all layers will be described, along with the network topology and current deployment status. Then each of the subaggregates will be described and demonstrated: PlanetLab for layer 7 and 4 programmability, VINI and programmable routers for layer 3 programmability, and DCN for programmable layer 2 programmability. Slice creation and experiment generation will be demonstrated, and tutorial participants may have the opportunity for some hands-on use of GpENI.



Please arrive with…



Browse the GpENI wiki and read “The Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation (GpENI): A Programmable Testbed for Future Internet Architecture Research”, James P.G. Sterbenz, et al., TridentCom 2010,


After completing this tutorial, you will have an understanding of the architecture and deployment of the GpENI programmable Future Internet research testbed, how to create slices on the PlanetLab, VINI, and DCN subaggregates, and how to use GpENI for experiments.