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GEC 10 GENICloud/iGENI/GLab/Seattle Demonstration

The goal of this demonstration is to show the interoperation of multiple clouds managed by the GENICloud manager, with advanced connectivity provided by iGENI, a programming environment provided by Seattle, and an application largely written by GLab. The clouds will be provided by Northwestern University, HP Labs, GLab participants. It is hoped that others will also provide cloud resources. Finally, we would like the selected application to be visually compelling and useful to the community.

Project Participants

Jessica Blaine, HP Labs
Rick McGeer, HP Labs
Alvin AuYoung, HP Labs
Andy Bavier, PlanetWorks
Marco Yuen, Princeton University
Alex Snoeren, U.C. San Diego
Yvonne Coady, U. of Victoria
Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
Paul Mueller, University of Kaiserslautern
Justin Cappos, University of Washington