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    315315== UQAM OpenFlow ==
     317''Demo participants:''
     318''Affiliation:'' GPO
     320In this demo, we show that designing an OpenFlow 1.1-controlled forwarding hardware on network processors (NP) allows a flexible forwarding behavior. In fact, we propose a software design that automatically pushes "on the fly" different forwarding decisions in a NP-based hardware data plane on which we implemented OF1.1. Particularly, we show how long does it take for our proposed software OpenFlow Preprocessor Engine (OPE) to update, at the right time, the multiple memory structures used by the NP hardware to cache the forwarding decisions corresponding to different behaviors/applications mix.
     322== Virtualizable Wireless Substrate ==
     324''Demo participants:''
     325''Affiliation:'' WIMAX
     327We demonstrate a virtualization substrate for virtualizing the wireless resources in Wimax N/w. On the virtualized Wimax prototype, we demonstrate a dynamic admission control framework for video traffic and show benefits of virtualization of wireless resources in Cellular networks.
     329== C-VeT --UCLA Campus Vehicular Testbed: An Open Platform for Vehicular Networking (WIMAX UCLA) ==
     331''Demo participants:'' Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau [[BR]]
     332''Affiliation:'' UCLA CS Dept
     334We propose a Poster that shows our experimental Result on the UCLA wimax installation for the Campus Vehicular Testbed at UCLA.
     336We envision one poster reporting on the UCLA experiments with WiMax? from the vehicles and on the integration between the WiMax? and the WiFi? Mesh network. The poster will be accompanied by optional slides on our laptop.
     338== A Programmable Facility for Experimentation with Wireless Heterogeneity and Wide-area Mobility (WIMAX UWI) ==
     340''Demo participants:'' Suman Banerjee, Sateesh Addepalli [[BR]]
     341''Affiliation:'' Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) laboratory, Cisco Systems
     343A live WiRover? networking demonstration.
     345== WIMAX BBN ==
     347''Demo participants:'' GPO
     348''Affiliation:'' GPO
     350This demo will showcase the OMF/OML integration with the Wimax base station at GPO. The demo will show client interaction with the wimax base station through OMF and provide detailed information for operators of Wimax sites part of the GENI project. It will also showcase experimenter tools useful for researchers who would like to conduct research in the future using this platform.