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    103103''Affiliation:'' NCSU, CS Dept, Columbia University, EE Dept, Renaissance Computing Insititute (RENCI), Chapel Hill, NC, BEN: Breakable Experimental Network, New Internet Computing Lab (NICL), Open Resource Control Architecture (ORCA), Shirako
    105 Demonstration of integration of IMF project with perfSonar.
     105The IMF project overall goal is to enable (a) measurements from a physical substrate, such as an optical substrate, to be passed to a measurement consumer inside a slice; this is a valuable capability since the optical substrate characteristics may be important to the experimenter in the slice although the substrate itself is not directly observable by the experimenter, and (b) enable the automated (in-stack) consumption of measurement data; this is important for an experimenter who does not merely want to see the optical substrate measurement data after the experiment, but would like to experiment with reactive protocols designed to run inside the stack and react in real-time to measurements.
     107In its first year (Spiral 2) the project already demonstrated the closed-loop communication between the substrate and the slice.  Upon consultation with GPO, Year 2 (Spiral 3) goals focus on integrating the developed IMF capabilities for measurement, and transfer of measurement (from substrate to in-slice stack), with existing GENI Inst&Meas capabilities.  Specifically, one of the goals was to integrate and install perfSONAR (pS) MPs and archives to collect performance measurement data from Polatis switches and Infinera DWDM platforms on 4 BEN sites.  This capability has been demonstrated successfully at GEC10 !  The goals for the rest of Spiral 3 is to integrate IMF capabilities as resources in ORCA, and possibly to align the slice -> substrate communication with existing GENI I&M capabilities.
     109The current deliverable also leveraged the Spiral 3 goals of the ERM project, which included integrating previously developed IMF code into the newly designed universal ERM box.  Part of the ERM project team forms the Columbia U part of the IMF project team.
     111[attachment:GEC10_ERM_Poster_v6.pdf Joint IMF and ERM projects poster presented at GEC10 IMF demo] [[BR]]
     112[  GENI wiki for Integrated Measurement Framework project][[BR]]
    107114== Indigo ==