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    327327''Affiliation:'' Washington University, St. Louis
    329 We will demonstrate a second slice implementing network support for multi-party virtual worlds.
     329At GEC-10, we demonstrated he operation of the full five node configuration of Supercharged PlanetLab Platforms (SPP).
     330These are deployed in Sal Lake City, Kansas City, Washington DC, Houston and Atlanta. We demonstrated two slices
     331running on the full five node SPP configuration. The first is the product of a collaboration with Brighten Godfrey
     332of the University of Illinois, on an experimental network concept called Slick Packets. In the Slick Packets framework,
     333packets carry an encoding for a set of alternate routes that can be used in the event that the primary route for
     334a packet fails at some intermediate router. We have implemented a code option for Slick Packets for the SPPs' Network
     335Processor Engine, enabling multigigabit forwarding rates, even for minimum size packets. More details of the demonstration
     336can be found in the attached presentation slides.
     339The second application demonstrated at GEC-10 was the Forest overlay network architecture, designed to support
     340high quality virtual worlds. This demonstration used all five SPPs plus twenty-five PlanetLab nodes and
     341included 100 "avatar-bots" that used the Forest network services to exchange periodic status reports. In this
     342demonstration, the avatars used region-based multicasts to transmit their status information and to "tune in" to
     343status reports from other nearby avatars. The demonstration also included a monitoring application and remote
     344visualization that allowed demo participants to observe the avatars moving within the virtual world and to see
     345how the clustering of avatars affected network traffic levels. More details can be found in the
     346attached presentation slides.
    331348== TIED: Trial Integration Environment in DETER ==