GENI Engineering Conference 1

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Tuesday, October 9

10:00-12:00 Services Working Group Meeting - Audio 75MB Jay Lepreau (University of Utah)
Operations, Management, Integration and Security Working Group Meeting - Audio 39MB Heidi Picher Dempsey (GPO)
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-4:00 Substrate Working Group Meeting - Audio 111MB Kristen Rauchenbach (GPO)
John Jacob (GPO)
Joe Evans (University of Kansas)
1:00-4:00 GPO/GSC Meeting (closed)
4:00-6:00 Open GPO/GSC meeting on GENI risks - Audio 45MB Chip Elliott

Wednesday, October 10

8:30-10:15 Welcome from the University of Minnesota Tim Mulcahy (Vice President for Research)
Mos Kaveh (Assoc. Dean, Institute of Technology)
Andrew Odlyzko (Director, Digital Technology Center)
Welcome from NSF Suzi Iacono (NSF CISE)
Welcome from the GENI Science Council Ellen Zegura (Co-chair, GSC)
Building GENI: It's Time to Start Chip Elliott (Project Director, GPO)
Meet the GENI Working Groups Aaron Falk (Interim Architect, GPO)
Download Morning Session 1 Audio Presentations 67 MB
10:30-12:00 The GPO Solicitation Process Craig Partridge (Outreach Director, GPO)
A. Cordell Thorn (Contracts Manager, GPO)
Networks, Energy, and Energy Efficiency Bruce Nordman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
CTVR and Future Internet Testbeds Donal O'Mahony (Trinity College Dublin)
Download Morning Session 2 Audio Presentations 47 MB
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 The GENI Narrow Waist
Audio with Slides 139 MB
Larry Peterson (Princeton)
John Wroclawski (ISI)
2:00-5:00 Narrow Waist Working Group Meeting Larry Peterson (Princeton)
John Wroclawski (ISI)
End-User Opt-In Working Group Meeting Audio 112 MB Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University)

Thursday, October 11

8:30-10:15 A Platform for High Performance Overlay Hosting Services Jon Turner (WUSTL)
The Utah ProtoGENI Project Jay Lepreau (Univ. of Utah)
Expectations for the GENI Project and Technical Challenges for a Next Generation Internet Atsushi Iwata (NEC)
Thoughts on GENI Mic Bowman (Intel)
Thoughts from Qwest Wes Kaplow (Qwest)
10:30-12:00 GENI Insights from the Great Plains Network Greg Monaco (Executive Director, Great Plains Network)
Cross-Layer Research in GENI Keren Bergman (Columbia University)
Preliminary Thoughts About GENI Phil Roberts (Motorola)
Bandwidth Virtualization with Digital Optical Networks Drew Perkins (Infinera)
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:30 Report from the GENI Optical Workshop in September Kristin Rauschenbach (GPO)
Mobility in Wireless Networks: NSF Workshop, Rutgers, Jul 31-Aug 1, 2007 Mario Gerla (UCLA)
Current Top GENI Risks Chip Elliott(GPO)
Full Day Audio Presentations 221 MB
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