Changes between Version 10 and Version 11 of GAPI_AM_API_ISSUES

05/07/12 11:18:31 (10 years ago)
Aaron Helsinger




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    4949  * Proposal: Yes to all the above
    5050 7. We do not define the semantics of supplying a list of credentials: are they additive to accumulate privileges? Or must 1 credential supply all needed privileges?
    51  8. Operations that return false: what does that really mean? Not an error but ???
    5352== !GetVersion Issues ==
    5453 1. Are clients required to supply a valid/trusted certificate? IE must servers authenticate users? PL currently does not do this.
    55  2. {{{schema}}} and {{{namespace}}} fields in the RSpec versions return elements are marked as optional, but included in minimal examples. Should the fields be required but values are optional? Or is it legal for an AM to not include those tags at all?
    5755== !ListResources Issues ==
    6563== Describe Issues ==
    66  1. Is the manifest RSpec required to be static, and always the same as that originally returned by !CreateSliver? Or might it change as AM-internal state changes?
    6865== Delete Issues ==
    69  1. What happens to resources if your credential expires? Does the AM delete them for you?
    70   * Proposal: AM deletes them for you - de-allocates the resources. (Required? Or may?)
    71  2. If there was never a slice here, or you already deleted your resources at this AM, what does the AM return?
    72   * Proposal: True, indicating all resources (none) have been freed.
    7467== Status Issues ==
    75 See changes proposed for version 3 which address these.
    7668 1. Further specify what kinds of things go in specific {{{geni_resources}}}
    7769 2. Further specify what kinds of things this method might optionally additionally include and still be consistent with the intent
    7971== Renew Issues ==
    80  1. Specify the behavior if you fail to renew and the reservation expires
    81   * Proposal: AM deletes the reservation, de-allocates the resources. (Required? May?)
    82  2. Specify the behavior if you try to renew past the life of your credential(s).
     72 2. Specify the error code if you try to renew past the life of your credential(s).
    8373  * Proposal: Fails with {{{OUTOFRANGE}}}
    84  3. Specify the behavior if there are no local resources in that slice
    85  4. Is it legal to try to 'renew' your sliver until earlier than the previous expiration time, shortening your reservation? Some aggregates at least allow this now.
    86   * Proposal: This is legal. Aggregates should support this, but that support is not required.
     74 3. Specify the error code if there are no local resources in that slice
    8876== Shutdown Issues ==
    9078  * Proposal: Not restartable, not de-commissioned, not reservable, not accessible by the experimenters
    9179  * See proposals for version 3
    92  2. What happens if you call this twice?
    93  3. What happens if the slice has nothing local?