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GENI Aggregate Manager API Draft Revisions

This page documents DRAFT revisions to the GENI Aggregate Manager API, proposed for the next version of the API. As indicated below, some of the revisions documented here have been discussed on the GENI developer mailing list, and during at least one GEC. Other revisions are in early discussions and subject to change or abandonment.

The GENI Aggregate Manager API allows aggregates to advertise resources and to allocate resources to Slices in the form of Slivers. A Sliver is a set of resources allocated by one Aggregate to one Slice. See below for a proposed complete definition.

The current officially adopted version of the API is 3 and is documented on the main API page.

API Version 3 was adopted based on changes previously listed on this page. Those changes have been removed from this page, and are now documented on a separate page. They are detailed below.

API Version 2 was adopted based on changes previously listed on this page. Those changes have been removed from this page, and are now documented on a separate page. They include:

  1. RSpec related changes, specifying that RSpecs are XML following GENI standard schemas.
    • Since June 2011, the latest software from ProtoGENI and SFA (as of code tag 1.0-24) has complied with these changes.
    • Omni version 1.3 (released June 2011) added client software support for these changes.
  2. Supporting flexible arguments and returns. Specifically, adding a property list to all calls, and making all returns be a property list.

This page documents proposed changes for AM API version 4. These changes are grouped into sets. API Version 4 will be the collection of changes from the change sets below which we next agree on. Change sets still under discussion will then be targeted at a future release.

Proposing Additional Changes

GENI community members are encouraged to propose changes to the GENI Aggregate Manager API.

Technical discussions are generally held on the Developers mailing list

Specific questions may be directed to the software team at the GPO (Tom Mitchell, Aaron Helsinger, and Sarah Edwards) at {tmitchel, ahelsing, sedwards} at

Change Sets Adopted in GENI Aggregate Manager API version 3

Version 3 has been adopted.

Details of the change sets included in AM API version 3 are at the v3 Deltas page.

Proposals adopted after GEC13:

  • Change Set D: Slivers: Change methods to clarify that there may be multiple slivers per slice at an AM, and to allow operating on individual slivers
  • Change Set F3: Sliver Allocation States and methods
  • Change Set F4: Method to perform Sliver Operational actions
  • Change Set F5: Sliver Operational States
  • Change Set M: New method signatures, incorporating all previous adopted change sets

Proposals adopted at GEC13:

  • ADOPTED: Change Set G: Generalize the credentials argument, allowing ABAC support
  • ADOPTED: Change Set I1: SliversStatus return structure includes sliver expiration
  • ADOPTED with changes: Change Set I2: SliversStatus return includes SSH logins/key for nodes that support SSH access
  • ADOPTED: Change Set I3: CreateSlivers return becomes a struct, adds sliver expiration
  • ADOPTED: Change Set K: Standardize certificate contents, etc.
    • Include a real serial number, holder email, holder uuid, and optionally authority URL in certificates
    • Define slice ID as the UUID plus URN in slice certificates
    • Define slice name, sliver name, and user name restrictions, and similar for URNs
    • Publish schemas for credentials and certificates

Proposed Changes for GENI Aggregate Manager API version 4

A key feature desired by experimenters, but not yet included in the Aggregate Manager API, is the ability to update a reservation in place, without losing the existing reservation. At times, this has been called UpdateSlivers. There is not currently an acceptable proposal for this feature that has been circulated.

Older proposals, withdrawn, superseded, or postponed:

  • Change Set C: On hold (waiting for a revised proposal). Add the ability to UpdateSlivers to immediately modify your reservation
  • Change Set E: Tickets: On hold (waiting for a revised proposal). Add methods using tickets to do negotiated reservations
  • Change Set F1: Superseded by F3 and F4: Define sliver states, and the state changes that various methods cause
  • Change Set F2: Superseded by F3 and F4: Add a new general ActOnSlivers method allowing AMs to support AM and resource-type specific operations
  • Change Set H: Superseded by F3: Clarify: A second call to CreateSlivers without an intervening DeleteSlivers is an error.
  • Change Set I4: Superseded by F3 and F4: CreateSlivers optionally does not start resources.
  • Withdrawn: Change Set J: Support proxy aggregates with 1 new option and 1 new GetVersion entry
  • Postponed: Change Set L: Standardize slice credential privileges

Unspecified items

  • UpdateSlivers: Update a reservation or sliver in place, without risking losing resources
  • RSpec for advertising operational states for a sliver type
  • Publish credential schema
  • Define error codes returned by new methods, conditions

Changes Not Included

RSpec changes resulting in GENI v4 RSpecs

  • Support unbound manifests
  • Make manifest an extension of Request, so you can readily edit & resubmit a manifest
  • Make configuration information in request and manifest optional, so it can be supplied/returned separately
  • Fully implement the compute ontology from Ilia
  • Ilia's other requests (Openflow related information)
  • Document process for updates per my dev list email
  • Be consistent: ref vs idref vs href
  • Include AM name/URL in RSpecs? Experimenter who allocated it URN?
  • Incorporate stitching extension as part of the 'base' RSpec


  • Allow Shutdown on a single sliver or a list of slivers
  • Add geni_am_info block to GetVersion return (name, id, url, location, description, is_proxy, proxy: {(a geni_am_info block)}, proxy_for[] (list of geni_am_info blocks))
  • Allow the update methods to take a generic rspec argument, allowing AMs to accept full or diff RSpecs
  • Tickets
    • Remove requestor certificate?
    • Support brokers: Make ticket methods return multiple tickets. Define tickets as optionally diffs (additive). Make RedeemTicket and UpdateTicket take a list of tickets. Tickets are delegatable via signing, but the delegated ticket must be for a strict subset of the resources in the original.
    • Drop ticket struct, not a signed document. Just reference by ID
  • Support message passing
    • Add sendMsg (and getMsgs?) methods that take a signed document, allowing freely passing messages instead of XMLRPC?


AMs must support the stitching extension where Layer 2 connections are available:

Update stitching schema per changes here:

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