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    809809 - Once a batched request has been made `geni_allocated`, it behaves like any other set of allocated slivers. You can call `Update`, `Renew`, `Delete`, or `Provision` on it as usual.
     811== Change Set AB: Case Sensitivity ==
     812This API specification calls out that certain fields are case insensitive (RSpec and credential and AM type fields, for example, plus usernames). But for most fields, this specification is silent. This has led to some confusion. FOAM and ORCA/EG are generally case sensitive. ProtoGENI/IG and SFA/Planetlab are generally case insensitive. The GENI Clearinghouse is generally case sensitive. This causes problems. In particular, if a Slice Authority can generate 2 slices whose names differ only by case, and some aggregates will treat those as duplicates, that is a problem.
     814Some notes on relevant specifications:
     815 - DNS names are case insensitive (RFC4343)
     816  - This suggests that the authority field of a URN which is generally a hostname should be case insensitive.
     817  - It also means that aggregates that generate hostnames based on slice URNs may be inclined to treat those fields as case insensitive
     818 - URNs are generally case sensitive, except for the NSS and NID portions (in GENI, the 'publicid:IDN' portion), per RFC 2141
     819 - In URLs, the domain name is case insensitive per RFC 4343, but URLs in general are case sensitive,
     821'''FIXME FIXME'''
    811823== Older Proposals ==
    812824Older proposals, withdrawn, superseded, or postponed: