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    4343NOTE that much of this page is specific to FV 0.8.13 and later.
     45== Backups ==
     47We recommend backing up your !FlowVisor database, which includes both configuration information and non-transient FV state (FV slices, flowspace rules, etc).
     49=== Backup ===
     51There's an fvctl command that saves a JSON version of the DB:
     54fvctl --passwd-file=/etc/flowvisor.passwd dumpConfig config.json
     57You can then back up this file however you back up other plain files at your site.
     59=== Restore ===
     61NOTE that fvconfig can only be run when FlowVisor is '''not running'''.
     63NOTE that this completely and irrevocably overwrites your existing FlowVisor database! Use with caution.
     65You need to run the restore as the 'flowvisor' user, since that user has the right permissions to create the DB files:
     68sudo -u flowvisor fvconfig load config.json
     71The last argument is the input file to use, and can be any file name as long as it's readable by the 'flowvisor' user.
     73This is generally sufficient, but if your database is in a very bad state, you may need to delete it completely and re-create it before you can load the JSON file:
     76sudo rm -rf /usr/share/db/flowvisor/FlowVisorDB
     77sudo -u flowvisor fvconfig generate /dev/null
     78sudo -u flowvisor fvconfig load config.json
     81In that second step, just hit return when prompted for a password (this will be overwritten by the next step); and ignore the "keytool error" error, it's just telling you that you already have a key pair.
    4583== Initial configuration ==