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Adaptive Source Routing

Today's routing techniques on the Internet rely completely on decisions within the network. Lacking an end-to-end view, routing algorithms therefore often react slowly to dynamics in the network, and do not take into account the type of traffic being routed.
This project is investigating the alternate approach of source-controlled routing (SCR). Assuming a source node holds information about possible routes to destination nodes including information about the characteristics of the different paths obtained by continuous probing, a source can decide which path along the network a particular packet should traverse for optimal results.
In addition to that, multi-path routing can be used to dramatically decrease latency and routing-related delay with a reasonable overhead on traffic when sending packets simultaneously via different links, using only the packet which arrives first at the destination.

Project Team

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Computer Science
201 North Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801-2302


Using an overlay deployment on PlanetLab, we first tested the general effectiveness of source-controlled routing and different fast-adaption techniques in order to react to path failures quickly. This work was presented with a poster at GEC8 and in a plenary demo at GEC9. Detailed information about the experiment setup for this demo can be found here.
After evaluating different path-selection strategies in order to identify well performing paths for different traffic types and metrics, we are currently testing our system and algorithms within the GENI meso-scale OpenFlow testbed. This enables us to minimize unpredictability in the actual path-selection through PlanetLab's overlay-architecture and obtain more accurate performance estimates.

Publications and Presentations

  • More is Less: Reducing Latency via Redundancy. In Eleventh ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets '12) (29-30 October 2012), by Ashish Vulimiri, Oliver Michel, P. Brighten Godfrey, Scott Shenker.
  • Ashish Vulimiri and P. Brighten Godfrey. "Adaptive Source Routing." Poster at the 8th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC8), Jul 2010.
  • Ashish Vulimiri and P. Brighten Godfrey. "Resilient Routing in the Pathlet Architecture." Talk + demo at the 9th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC9), Nov 2010.
  • Oliver Michel, Ashish Vulimiri and P. Brighten Godfrey. "Adaptive Source Routing." Poster at the 13th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC13), Mar 2012.


Funded by NSF CNS 10-50146 EAGER, "Adaptive Source Routing on GENI"

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