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     1= Adaptive Source Routing =
     3Today's routing techniques on the Internet rely completely on decisions within the network.  Lacking an end-to-end view, routing algorithms therefore often react slowly to dynamics in the network, and do not take into account the type of traffic being routed.[[BR]]
     4This project is investigating the alternate approach of source-controlled routing (SCR).  Assuming a source node holds information about possible routes to destination nodes including information about the characteristics of the different paths obtained by continuous probing, a source can decide which path along the network a particular packet should traverse for optimal results.[[BR]]
     5In addition to that, multi-path routing can be used to dramatically decrease latency and routing-related delay with a reasonable overhead on traffic when sending packets simultaneously via different links, using only the packet which arrives first at the destination.
     7== Project Team ==
     9 * Oliver Michel <
     10 * Ashish Vulimiri <>
     11 * Prof. Brighten Godfrey <>, principal investigator
     13University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[[BR]]
     14Department of Computer Science[[BR]]
     15201 North Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801-2302
     17== Experiments ==
     19Using an overlay deployment on PlanetLab, we first tested the general effectiveness of source-controlled routing and different fast-adaption techniques in order to react to path failures quickly. This work was presented at GEC8.[[BR]]
     20After evaluating different path-selection strategies in order to identify well performing paths for different traffic types and metrics, we are currently testing our system and algorithms within the GENI meso-scale OpenFlow testbed. This enables us to minimize unpredictability in the actual path-selection through PlanetLab's overlay-architecture and obtain more accurate performance estimates.
     22== Publications and Presentations ==
     24 * Ashish Vulimiri and P. Brighten Godfrey. "Adaptive Source Routing." Poster at the 8th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC8), Jul 2010.
     25 * Ashish Vulimiri and P. Brighten Godfrey. "Resilient Routing in the Pathlet Architecture." Talk + demo at the 9th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC9), Nov 2010.
     27== Acknowledgements ==
     29Funded by NSF CNS 10-50146 EAGER, "Adaptive Source Routing on GENI"