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Network-Wide Policies with OpenFlow

Our project is experimenting with easier, more flexible, and more reliable ways to define network policies through better policy tools and software defined networking (SDN).

Project Team

Team photo here.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Yale University

Team Members

  • PI: Nick Feamster,
  • Hyojoon Kim,
  • Sam Burnett, Georgia Tech
  • Brian Davidson, Georgia Tech
  • Russ Clark, Georgia Tech
  • Marshini Chetty, Georgia Tech
  • Srikanth Sundaresan, Georgia Tech
  • Steve Woodrow, Georgia Tech
  • Andreas Voellmy, Yale


Network-wide policies with Openflow and GENI

Implement and conduct campus-based trials of network-wide policies implemented using Resonance for policy specification.

Resources (as of Spring 2011): 17 OpenFlow-enabled switches, 2 ProtoGENI nodes, 4 PlanentLab nodes

poster from doctoral consortium

BISmark: Software Defined Network Management

YouTube video from our GEC12 demonstration

BISmark presentation







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