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PI: M. Chuah, Lehigh University

Graduate Student: Z. Yan

Graduated Students: D. Li, X. Xiong

In this project, we will demonstrate new mobile internet features via prototyping and large scale experimentations using GENI testbeds. Key features include (i) intra and inter-domain intentional-named message dissemination, (ii) efficient mobile content centric networking protocol design, (iii) data-centric security with search capability.

Unique features in SECON include (i) intentional named message delivery, (ii) push/pull content dissemination, (iii) keywword-based user interests, (iv) secure content publication with fine-grained access control.

We have recently given a demo at NSF GEC12 meeting where our preliminary prototype was run at multiple virtual machines inside a Lehigh laptop that communicates with multiple machines at Emulab. Our software provides GUI interface to allow publishers/subscribers to send content publish and user interest announcement messages. We also provide GUI for content resolution servers to show all the CPAs/UIAs that they receive.

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