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Strategies and Approaches for Federating with GENI

GENI provides a variety of methods by which external resources, systems and testbeds can federate with GENI. By 'federate', we mean to be able to share resources, services or information with GENI in a mutually trusted manner.

There are typically three broad categories of federation with GENI:

  • Identity Federation: Sharing identity information between GENI and another system
  • Control Plane Federation: Allowing GENI users access to your services, or your users access to GENI services
  • Data Plane Federation: Allowing Layer 2 network connection between resources allocated on GENI and resources allocated on your testbed.

This page describes different approaches supported in GENI for these different kinds of federation. The following figure summarizes these different kinds of federation and key approaches:

Figure for Summarizing Approaches for GENI Federation

Identity Federation

Identity Provider Integration

OpenID Integration

Control Plane Federation

Aggregate Manager


Data Plane Federation

L2 Connectivity


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