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Project Title

GENI Experiments for Traffic Capture Capabilities and Security Requirement Analysis
a.k.a. ExptsSecurity

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Xiaoyan Hong
Co-PI: Fei Hu
Co-PI: Yang Xiao

Participating Organizations

Department of Computer Science
The University of Alabama, Box 870290
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Alabama, Box 870286
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


This effort will help define GENI security requirements based on investigations through ProtoGENI experiments using at least two aggregates, one of which will be a wireless aggregate. The investigations will use network traffic capture and analysis under both normal and misbehaving situations. The well-articulated experiments will analyze the security and privacy characteristics, test GENI traffic recording and capture tools (following the results from Spiral I and II), and make suggestions for improvements to the ProtoGENI control framework with special emphasis on security improvements.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(ExptsSec: S2.a -)? Experiment design document
MilestoneDate(ExptsSec: S2.b)? Report on initial experimentation on ProtoGENI and revised experiment design.
MilestoneDate(ExptsSec: S2.c)? Report on experiments that validate vulnerability hypotheses/exploit vulnerabilities.
MilestoneDate(ExptsSec: S2.d)? Experiment design document 2.

Project Technical Documents

Description of planned security experiments
Revised description of planned security experiments

Quarterly Status Reports

December 2009 report

March 2010 report

Spiral 2 Connectivity

To be reviewed: Layer 3 connectivity to ProtoGENI clearinghouse. Layer 3 connectivity to provision resources used by experiments. Layer 2/3 connectivity between resources used in experiment.

Related Projects

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