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Development of Education and Training Resources for GENI Experimenters
a.k.a. ExptTraining

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Kevin Jeffay
Jay Aikat

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GPO Liaison System Engineer

Mark Berman


This project will port a suite of tools for realistic traffic generation to GENI and develop training material for use of these tools by GENI experimenters. The tools will allow experimenters to generate realistic and reproducible traffic for their experiments. The project will also develop “laboratory manuals” that teach GENI experimenters best practices for experimental methodology, network measurement and data analysis.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(EXPTTRAINING: S4.a Demonstration at GEC13)? GEC13 status report

MilestoneDate(EXPTTRAINING: S4.b Demonstration at GEC14)? Demonstration of set of Linux based tools for workload and background traffic generation ported to ProtoGENI, draft set of lab manuals for “calibration experiments” running and measuring synthetic traffic over multiple GENI aggregates, conduct tutorial on synthetic traffic generation at GEC14.

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Quarterly Status Reports

GEC13 status report - Dec 2011-March 2014 :

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