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    287287  * ''The desired control over network flows.''  If you need to manage network traffic to/from an aggregate you might want to use aggregates that connect to a GENI backbone using OpenFlow switches or set up vlans to these aggregates through the ProtoGENI Backbone Nodes or the SPP Nodes.
    288288  * ''The number of resources you need from an aggregate.''  Aggregates vary from small installations such as the GPO Lab ProtoGENI aggregate that consists of eleven nodes to the PlanetLab and ProtoGENI aggregates that consist of hundreds of nodes.
     289  * "Support for the GENI Aggregate Manager API." Aggregates that support the GENI Aggregate Manager API generally recognize credentials issued by one of the GENI Clearinghouses.  Aggregates that do not will likely require you to get an account from them.   Additionally, a growing number of GENI experiment control tools support the GENI API i.e. these tools can be used to create slices, add resources from aggregates that support the GENI API, etc.  Examples of such tools include the [ ProtoGENI Tools], [  Omni] and [ Gush].
    290291The GENI Project Office is happy to help find the best match of resources for your experiments.  Please contact [] for assistance.