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    1919  [[Image(GENIComponentsPicture-2.png, 40%)]]
     21You will also need to know about GENI ''slices''.  A slice holds a collection of computing and communications resources capable of running an experiment or a wide area service.  An experiment is a researcher-defined use of resources in a slice; an experiment runs in a slice.  A researcher may run multiple experiments using resources in a slice, concurrently or over time.
    2123== 3.0 GENI Aggregates ==
    2224The following table lists GENI aggregates that are currently available for use by experimenters and the networks (GENI backbone network or the Internet) to which they connect.  GENI has two backbone networks: [ Internet2] and [ National Lambda Rail (NLR)].  The Internet2 backbone provides 1Gbps of dedicated bandwidth for GENI experiments and the NLR backbone provides up to 30Gbps of non-dedicated  bandwidth.   Some aggregates that connect to GENI backbone networks may be connected to other resources on the network using Layer 2 VLANS, giving experimenters the option of running non-IP based Layer 3 and above protocols.
    3032     || [wiki:GeniAggregate/GpoLabProtoGeni GPO ProtoGENI] || Layer 2 connectivity over Internet2 and NLR, IP connectivity over Internet2, NLR and Internet || ProtoGENI Tools, Omni, Gush ||
    3133     || [wiki:GeniAggregate/ISIDeter ISI Deter Testbed] || ?? || ProtoGENI Tools ||
    32      || [wiki:GeniAggregate/UWashingtonMillionNodeGENI Million Node GENI] || Internet || ProtoGENI Tools, MillionNodeGENI Tools ||
     34     || [wiki:GeniAggregate/UWashingtonMillionNodeGENI Million Node GENI] || Internet || ProtoGENI Tools, Million Node GENI Tools ||
    3335     || [wiki:GeniAggregate/RutgersORBIT ORBIT] ||  Internet || ORBIT Tools ||
    7072=== 4.1 Experiment Control Tools ===
     73GENI experiment control tools are used to create slices, add or remove resources to slices, and delete slices.  Some tools may also help with the installation of experimenter specified software into resources in slices; starting, pausing, resuming and stopping the execution of an experiment; and monitoring of the resources in slices for failures.  Examples of GENI experiment control tools include [ Gush], [  Omni],  [ PlanetLab SFI] and [ ProtoGENI Tools].
     75In addition to these experiment control tools, individual aggregates provide experimenters with additional tools to install and manage software on their resources.  For example, the Million Node GENI aggregate  provides a set of tools to manage the virtual machines it proves as computing resources.
    7277=== 4.2 Instrumentation and Measurement Tools ===