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    44An archive of past events of interest to the GENI Experimentation Community.
     6== GENI Tutorials at Non-GENI Venues ==
     8June 2012 marked the first GENI experimenter tutorials at non-GENI venues.
     10   * ''' 6/11/2012'''  [ GENI Tutorials at TridentCom]. There were three GENI tutorials offered at [ TridentCom 2012] in Thessaloniki, Greece. The tutorials are:
     11      * '''Getting Started with GENI: A User Tutorial''' by Jonathan Duerig of the University of Utah.  This tutorial provides an overview of GENI and will cover the process of creating a network and running a simple experiment using two tools: the Flack GUI and the INSTOOLS instrumentation service.
     12      * '''Designing and Deploying Network Experiments in GENI''' by Niky Riga and Mark Berman of the GENI Project Office.   This tutorial offers attendees hands-on experience using GENI and designing both IP and non-IP network experiments. 
     13      * '''Experimentation in a Multi-site GENI WiMAX Network using Orbit Management Framework''' by Ivan Seskar (Rutgers University), Fraida Fund (Polytechnic Institute of New York University), Abhimanyu Gosain (GPO) and Harry Mussman (GPO).  Tutorial attendee get hands-on experience using the Orbit Management Framework (OMF) to define IP and Non-IP experiments across a multi-site GENI WiMAX deployment. 
     15   *  ''' 6/11/2012''' [ GENI Tutorial at SIGMETRICS]. Jay Aikat and Kevin Jaffay of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted tutorial titled '''Introduction to Network Experiments Using the GENI !CyberInfrastructure'''.  This tutorial includes an introduction to GENI followed by a hands-on component where attendees use the Flack tool to go through the entire process of setting up an experiment to the measuring of network traffic generated by their experiment.
    619== First GENI Summer Camp ==